This tool makes it possible to measure the Great Replacement


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What is the Great Replacement ?

Oh, it’s very simple, » says the french writer Renaud Camus, author of the famous phrase: « you have a people and almost all at once, in the span of a single generation, it is replaced by another, or by several others. The Great Replacement, the change of people, is the most important phenomenon in the history of France for centuries, and probably forever.”

But what everyone can see with their own eyes seems to be fiercely denied by the media and the public authorities. Should it be measured?

Why and how should this phenomenon be evaluated?

The measurement of a phenomenon is the first step towards its understanding, wrote Isaac Asimov. Measuring the Great Replacement, however crudely, seemed to me necessary for its identification and recognition. But in the absence of ethnic statistics, this assessment is often semi-empirical.

This Great Replacement Scale (GRS) has nine levels measured by the Subjugation Factor (SF). Anyone can try to assess, with the available data, the subjugation factor and replacement of any indigenous people in any given territory.

Subjugation factor (SF)

This coefficient evaluates the subjugation factor, i.e. the enslavement, subjugation and conquest of a people by one or more other peoples in a given space and at a given time. It makes it possible to evaluate the level of Replacement on the Great Replacement Scale. It can also be used to measure other forms of Great Replacement (ethnic shopping, cosmopolitan advertising, representation in sport and music, etc.).

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  • Disagree that native americans are a 9, everywhere in america and the pacific they have laws wich give them favouritism over their size and actions and theyre regaining their majority in many of these countries. White people arent even considered legally a thing to petition for claims, only to get punished, often extra legally.

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